Institute for Performance Management USA


About Us

We are a company that has evolved as the “think tank” body of knowledge in performance management that specializes in small to large companies as well as the public sector.

The Institute for Performance Management's work is founded in an exacting approach to development, research and implementation. Our passion and enthusiasm does not just focus on the present but has the vision to see into the future development of performance management. It is through this approach that we have grown into a service provider with the know-how, the commitment and the resolve to build performance management for now and the future.

We have proven through our record of over 10-years of sustainable business practices that we have grown in what we believe is needed for now and beyond.

We are geared to provide an innovative, integrated and functional governance.


Performance Management applications, consulting and complete solutions are required to change culture and behavior within organizations and our country as a whole so as to ensure global competitiveness. To assist organizations to become effective, efficient and economical within the global environment.


Institute for Performance Management's emphasis is goal oriented; aiming to ensure performance management through change that integrates organizational and employee performance, leading to human capital development and increased effectiveness, efficiency and capital gain.