Institute for Performance Management USA



At Institute for Performance Management we acknoledge that achieving a career advancement is getting to be more competitive each year.  Nowadays, education certification are becoming necessary for promotion, and are requirements for important placements inside an organization.  In order to ensure professional success, you must continuously expand your skills and education. 

With our Institure for Performance Management's Certified Performance Manager program or Certified Corporate Performance Management program, you will acquire the necessary skills and tools needed to make you the lead performance management resource for any organization.  Our training programs can be Company Specific or General Program training.

Upon completion of your training certification, you will gain a professional distinction certificate accredited to our Performance Management Methodology and tools.

How our Program Works:

The Certified Corporate Performance Management and Certified Perfromance Manager program: — take the main courses, take an evaluation test and complete a "real-life" project.  Each trainee during the training program will receive the individual attention necessary for success.

For Company Specific training we evaluate the company's requirements and suggest a training course based on the company's best practices.

The main courses:  Courses varies from 3-5 days for 8hrs each day.  We will provide the agenda for each day in advance; please request a general training agenda if interested.

Other Individual training (not certifications):

We offer variety of courses year-round to fulfill your advancement requirements.  We offer a comprehensive list of courses that will help develop and refine the specific skills you require.  Please see training.