Institute for Performance Management USA



We provide consulting programs are made for any size of organization and to fit your company's budget; whether your company is a small, medium, large corporate or a public organization we can tailor the modules to meet your organization requirements.

We conduct an analysis of the organization, depending on the complexity of the consulting we are presented.  We then design the appropriate solution and project plan and present it to your organization before proceeding.

Institute for Performance Management offers end-to-end performance management services (Corporate Performance Management) that embrace the three core elements of performance and business management:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Employee performance management.

The secret to our success lies in our proven ability to align successfully all three elements, ensuring that the entire organization is working towards the achievement of common goals bridging its model and approach.

Our consulting offering is supported by a range of critical and value-added services including:

  • Performance Situational Analysis – Performance auditing and surveys are conducted to establish the current level of performance within the organization and to determine a baseline against which the improvement will be judged.
  • Strategic Planning – The first step in performance management is to derive the organizational strategy. Our own highly successful methodological approach is applied to derive at the organizational strategy. The next step is to align all business processes to the strategy of the organization that includes project prioritization.
  • Business Planning and Alignment – To align all business processes to the strategy of the organization, via KPI’s and performance targets.
  • Budgetary Planning and Alignment – Budgetary planning and financial alignment, as well as the introduction of performance based budgeting, optimizes the financial performance throughout the enterprise.
  • Employee Performance Management – The institutional process should be aligned to individual plans. This an important component of the performance management system and it is critical to achieve the goals of the organization, inspiring employees to improve work performance and, if done in the correct way, will create enthusiasm for a performance-driven organization. We can also advise on rewards and incentives.
  • Change Management – Performance Management itself is change management; it is about improving the organization from one business type to another. It involves a cultural intervention in which each employee becomes fully committed to performing in a way that contributes to the attainment of organizational goals.
  • Performance Automation – Performance management is regarded as one of the most challenging project management efforts undertaken by an organization. To simplify the management process, automation is required.  We offer a system framework that can help automate the process, and can grow as required by your company without the need of programming skills.  (See also, System)
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboards – Business Intelligence (BI) is the traditional method used for performance measurement. Operational decisions can be made predominantly by line managers based on intelligence created from organizational data.
  • Performance Reporting – Reporting plays an integral and critical role in the performance management process, serving as a measure of progress achieved on a program, project or activity and helping to identify programmatic and administrative problems that may need to be resolved. We offer a web-based reporting system that vastly streamlines and simplifies this function, offering monthly, quarterly and annual reporting. (See also, Reporting Menu)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plans – We assists organizations to implement successful monitoring, measurement and evaluation frameworks, whereby data is collected and analyzed and compared to baseline information and targets to determine how well a project, program or policy is being implemented against expected results; evaluate employees and targets against their key performance areas; and make recommendations on how to improve performance. Our evaluation services include support in conducting impact analysis and capacity building within organizations.
  • Baseline Studies – Through our Research and Development Unit we offer organizations the service of conducting baseline studies to investigate specific performance characteristics at a particular time or under a particular set of conditions to establish a baseline as a starting point from which to plan improved performance.