Institute for Performance Management USA


Our System solution

Our automated performance management solution is a reporting system that is set to fulfil any reporting needs in terms of ease of use and accuracy. The automated system is a framwork that a user with NO programming experience can add functionallity and generate new reports. It is based on Microsoft technology and is results-driven. Functionality, Flexibility, price and user friendliness are the driving factors behind the development of the system.

Some System Highlights:

  • Powerful Microsoft SQL Engine
  • Based on our development framework:
    • Freedom to extend the system with new functionallity as required by your company
    • No need for programming / developing experience
    • No need for SQL experience
    • Rapid development framework
  • Easy and quickly build reports
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Fully secured with user login rights and levels
  • Full audit trail for any change and record transactions

Our system framework offers organisations a performance monitoring and reporting system whereby different reports can be generated from the same data repository. Monitoring generally means to be aware of the state or the progress made towards implementation or attainment of targets set (gathering of data). Performance measurement is essentially the process of measuring and analysing the data provided by the monitoring system in order to assess performance. Reporting collates information into intelligence and represents consolidation from the previous steps into reports.

Our system is able to report according to different performance strategies, indicators and targets and seamlessly integrates organisational and employee performance monitoring and reporting. Being a measurement tool, it is able to alert under- or over-performance through a hierarchical view.

Scoring and colour coding gives a quick view to alert users to take corrective action where necessary.

Our system also acts as a data management system whereby data as a valuable organisational resource is managed through data modelling or metadata management.  The User Task Module of the system is used to capture data against measures such as activities/milestones.  The Corrective Action Module provides corrective action options with commentary and pre-defined lock dates.